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    (Israel lobby’s control over the educational system. how does it work? (ep10

    Denis Rancourt, a former professor at the University of Ottawa, is on the show to discuss the Israel lobby’s control over the educational system, its means, and the results of it. As a university professor, he initiated many discussions and lectures on several controversial topics like Israel oppression in Gaza, social justice etc. He explains how the Israel lobby monitored his activities of course never directly by some special methods that led to a long litigation lasted about 10 years and how he was finally dismissed by the university. Dr. Rancourt mentions what David F. Noble had brought up that led to his persecution by the lobby. He was a famous historian of science and technology at York University who criticized the Israel lobby’s control over the universities. Dr. Rancourt believes that the Israel’s world-governing-system has made academics as what he calls “obedient service intellectuals” who obey the rules like some prisoners. He explains the processes and means by which the system makes the students and teachers independent thinkers and non-creative people. This researcher emphasizes that “globalization” is the main agent of the so-called system which leads the society into fascism. Dr. Rancourt also tells us how it makes the academics lose their freedom and not to demand the truth.

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