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    (The US government is biased in favor of Israel against exposure of truth in Beirut (ep8

    Sander Hicks, Dr. Scott Bennett, Dr. Kevin Barrett, Scott Rickard, Philip Giraldi, and J. Michael Springmann are on Nader’s Show. The guests discuss the issues regarding the latest threats they are faced with from the FBI because they intend to attend the New Horizon Conference in Beirut. Guests believe that the New Horizon Conference had been a means of communication for the patriotic Americans who have served in the government, having an opportunity to share the truth with one another but are faced with threats from the Zionist elements who have infiltrated the US government. They are threatened because they have exposed Israeli agents inside the US government who are pushing the US government against Iran. In response to the clear violation of their constitutional rights, some guests have decided to file an action in court to make it known to the public that as American citizens, they will not allow their government to be hijacked by the Zionists who are pushing an Israeli agenda rather than an American agenda. The Zionists currently panic over the American public waking up and realizing their government is taken over by a hostile foreign power. “Nader’s Show” is hosted by Iranian filmmaker and writer Nader Talebzadeh, who has produced programs for an Iranian audience including a vast number of interviews with the US dissidents and whistleblowers. American government couldn’t stand his voice of truth thus put sanctions on him to silent his voice, but Nader started a show to be the voice of the voiceless. Voice of the people who has been sanctioned either by governments or by the corporate media. In “Nader’s Show” he wants to go beyond the borders and let the voices be heard.

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