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    528Hz Energy CLEANSE Yourself & Your Home - Heal Old Negative Energies From Your House Frequency

    Hello beautiful people! We are proud to present to you, our latest song made with the intention to serve as an energy cleanse for yourself and your home! Heal old negative energies from your house with this music tuned to 528hz! What is the 528hz frequency? Read more about it here; https://tribeofthehealers.com/solfegg... or in the article below! You can buy this as an MP3 format in the link below if you fancy listening to this offline; https://tribeofthehealers.com/product... That being said, thank you for listening! We wholeheartedly hope that you enjoy our latest song. - Love, Woke Nation. ★SAVE OUR PLAYLIST www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2ongeTqYEw&list=PLFOxju2z9W5WeZeNztu1mtiJz1fn4wftq ★★★ Check out our Top Videos ★★★ https://youtu.be/taJ7Rb3qgi8 https://youtu.be/kFsHN6dMxrI https://youtu.be/RmJUuorNtDE https://youtu.be/Fs9qRFO1Yms https://youtu.be/dI-YV2UpJpE https://youtu.be/hb1sCcI002s -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ★WEBSITE https://tribeofthehealers.com/ ★Mp3 Store https://tribeofthehealers.com/shop/ ----------------------------------------------------------- Solfeggio frequencies form part of an ancient scale that was rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo in 1974. They are a 6 tone sequence of special electromagnetic frequencies. They were originally used in Gregorian chants many hundreds of years ago, and recently, they were brought back to everybody’s attention for their healing powers. These frequencies induce movements of consciousness that will help stimulate new changes that are necessary for individuals who would like to achieve awakening. it has been said that these frequencies have helped many individuals throughout the centuries to undo difficult situations, to change their perspective of things, to turn sadness into happiness, but above all, it has also helped many to reconnect with their own true selves. The frequencies are the following: ★ 396 Hertz: DO. It is usually related to guilt and fear, and how they can suppress other emotions as well. It is associated with the color red. ★ 417 Hertz: RE. It is usually related to past trauma and negativity and the willingness to change. This frequency can help you to recognize those past traumas that are no longer valuable in your life. It is associated with the color orange. ★ 528 Hertz: MI. It is usually related to DNA, peace of mind and clarity. This frequency will help you heal and remove any sickness you may have. It is associated with the color yellow. ★ 639 Hertz: FA. It is usually related to Interpersonal relationships. This frequency will help you heal those difficult relationships you still have from the past while also reconnecting with those who are valuable in your present. It is associated with the color green. ★ 741 Hertz: SOL. It is usually related to the emotional stability you are looking for. This frequency will help you solve any problems you may have in your life. It is associated with the color blue. ★ 852 Hertz: LA. It is usually related to the views of oneself and the universe. It requires open space in order to allow intuition to come in. It is associated with the color indigo. ★ 963 Hertz: SI. it is usually related to the feeling of oneness. It means awakening and interconnected to the universe. This frequency helps you to reconnect with yourself. It is associated with the color purple. And this isn’t something new either, as ancient civilizations from all areas of the world seemed to use music as therapy, in all of its forms. The greeks used flutes or lyres, the Mesopotamians used the harp, or the Incas used the flutes (or quena as they are traditionally known). Choose a Solfeggio frequency track: Perhaps you would like to start at the beginning? It doesn’t matter, as there isn’t a specific order for them to be played…in fact, you can choose to do one if you would like to focus on that specific frequency for the time being. Many experience a shift happening after the first couple of seconds of listening. Be consistent with it to truly raise your vibration to cleanse out old unconscious energy that holds one locked in a fear-based reality. Read more about the healing frequencies on our website: www.tribeofthehealers.com We believe in the power of the human spirit, - WOKE NATION Category Music

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